Why curiosity is a good thing

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In my bio I mention I love echidnas, this is the story of how that came about. It will also give some basic information about echidnas for readers who know nothing about these fascinating creatures, thank you Justiss Goode for making me realise this piece needs to be written!

Boring but necessary information about location

I live in a rented house on a noisy, busy main road that leads to the city in one direction and eventually to the country in the other direction. There are lots of houses and businesses around us and…

Sometimes it’s okay to tell untruths

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I am going to admit it, I often lie when I write poetry. Not big lies, just small untruths and I am going to explain why.

The weather

My description of the weather in a poem may be a lie. Perhaps I say there is a sunny sky when in truth I look out the window at rain. But the rest of the poem won’t make sense if I write about a dull day with rain falling, puddles forming all over the place. …


You need to be very careful with fire

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I was born in the mid-fifties and grew up in a time when many modern conveniences either hadn’t been invented or weren’t in widespread use. When I think back I don’t want to return to those days. Although modern times have many problems I do appreciate the conveniences of this day and age.

Before I get started with the main point of this story, I’ll give some background information. Younger readers will need this and older ones may or may not enjoy getting nostalgic about life in a simpler time.

Hot water

We didn’t have a hot water service. There…

I’m not unique so there will be others who approach reading Medium stories in a similar way

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There is plenty of advice about how to get more people to read the stories you publish here on Medium. I have followed some of that advice and ignored other bits. I have made a note of a few ideas to try at a later date.

This piece of writing is about how to get me to read your story from start to finish. This is not advice on how to get more readers or followers. It’s not about ways to improve your writing, it’s simply about my approach to reading Medium stories.

The title

Initially all I have to…

Fewer possessions, less personal freedom but no financial stress

Image by Nattanan Kanchanaprat

There was a time in my life when I had no money worries. I didn’t have to think about how I would pay the power bill or insurance premiums. There was more money than I needed in my bank account. No, I didn’t have a high paying job. No, I didn’t have a wealthy husband/partner.

Student days

I was in my late teens and had moved out of home into a girls’ hostel in Adelaide. I was studying at university.

I didn’t have a car but public transport was nearby and uni was within walking distance. It was the seventies…

We have different dreams

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Yesterday a friend moved into her brand new home. She was excited and I was so happy for her. She has always wanted to get a house built to her specifications. Her new home has the features she chose and is in an area she wants to live in. She has achieved her dream.

Do I feel jealousy?

As I clean through the house I rent in preparation for the three monthly inspection by the real estate agent, am I jealous of my friend? Do I wish it was me moving into a brand new house?

In all honesty, not…

This hack will work for me, perhaps it will help you

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I am interested in hacks to make life that bit easier.

The trouble is some won’t work for me. Others I have read repeatedly. There are tips, especially those in regard to saving money, I just wouldn’t use because they are too extreme. No, I wouldn’t wash kitty litter to re-use.

But this hack isn’t about saving money.

Occasionally I come across a hack which makes me go, ‘Wow! What a helpful tip. I will definitely be using that and I want to tell others.’

Every time I set…

I am a ‘night owl’ so perhaps it is not surprising I love owls

Holding Boo at Raptor Domain Image supplied by author

In my bio I mention my love of owls. That love goes back to my childhood.

We lived in the country on a 6 acre block of scrub land. Near to the house were several pine trees. Some nights I would hear a boobook owl hooting from the trees. Occasionally I was fortunate enough to see an owl in a pine tree. A couple of times I spotted a boobook drinking water from our canvas paddling pool at sunset when it was almost dark. …


I always have another question

Read the story to see what washing dishes have to do with writing Photo by Tina Dawson on Unsplash

I’m going to write a story for Medium this morning before going out in the afternoon. But first I need to respond to comments on my stories.

Some of my responses are long. One thing leads to another as I then read stories published by writers who left comments.

By the way, although I haven’t done any writing if I added up the words in my comments they would amount to several hundred, enough for a 3 or 4 minute read story.

I get up to wash the few dishes in the sink. (Now do you see the relevance of…

Free libraries, big or small, are fantastic

Image supplied by author

Libraries in some form have been around since ancient times but it was rare to be able to borrow back then. Scholars would sit in the library and copy information of interest. The Roman statesman, scholar, philosopher and lawyer, Marcus Tullius Cicero born in 106 BC said, ‘If you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need.’

The oldest free public library in the English speaking world is said to be the Chetnam library in Manchester which opened in 1653. Libraries have changed a great deal since those times.


Marie Vonow

Day options coordinator and teacher in a previous life. Currently writer of articles, blog posts and poetry. Loves owls and echidnas. Favourite drink latte.

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